• Have you ever thought about why you travel? Someone travels for new acquaintances, someone wants to just lie by the sea and do nothing, while the other, on the contrary, actively walk through new cities and small streets from morning to night with a list of attractions, someone studies culture, someone is shopping. But if we combine all these goals, then we understand that the main reason for traveling is to get new emotions and inspiration.

    How Travelling the World Affects Life and Personality

    The modern world is very multifaceted, the borders of the possible are constantly expanding, and travel becomes more accessible. For students, there are also more and more opportunities to travel not only profitable but sometimes completely free. These can be international volunteer programs, grants, internships abroad, or simply the decision to postpone the receipt of an academic degree in favour of traveling to the planet. The advantages of travel are clear to many: the opportunity to make new friends, expand the horizon, experience a lot of interesting adventures and, most importantly, get invaluable experience.

    Why is it so important to travel?

    In each trip, you can make new acquaintances, new friends, business partners. Thanks to travel, you grow up, go to a new level of your personal development.During the trip, you can get not only the effect of restoring your strength but something more, complete reloading of your worldview, a change in your way of thinking, habits and even character.

    Watch yourself when you find yourself in a new place for you. You will certainly notice that your thoughts flow differently. You are relaxed and do not think at all about the things you are used to thinking about in the hectic days of weekdays. In the process of rest, a person receives an invaluable experience, which grows into the possibilities of development in each of the spheres of his life. We think differently and let in ourselves a new image of our self. People say that for happiness you need only 3 things:

    • Love. 

    • Interesting work.

    • The ability to travel

    Traveling helps you to understand yourself:

    A study conducted by the American Gap Association highlighted the importance of taking a gap year and emphasized the impact that this experience has on your personal growth. It will contribute to your personal growth. You will have time to reflect on your current situation. It will increase your maturity. You will gain confidence in yourself, eliminating your insecurities. Dedicating a season to self-knowledge and exposing yourself to new experiences and cultures will help you decide what you want to do with your life.

    How Travelling the World Affects Life and Personality

    Travel inspires and increases the level of sociability:

    According to a study conducted by Columbia Business School professor Adam Galinsky, those who lived abroad are more creative, and the more countries they visited, the higher their ingenuity. However, Galinsky also says that simply being a tourist is not enough: "Anyone who lives abroad and does not interact with the local culture will most likely find less creative growth than the one who travels with his head immersed in the surrounding environment”.

    Traveling and living abroad can also affect how we interact with people. Dr. Julia Zimmerman and Dr.Franz Neuer conducted a comparative study of two groups of German students: some were studying abroad for a semester or more, while others remained in their native cities. The results showed that representatives of the group of travelers were higher regarding extraversion, and when they returned home, they tended to be more open to the new and became emotionally more stable.

    We travel, and the brain grows:

    When traveling, we encounter new situations, for example, orientation in an unfamiliar metro turns into a quest, and during a regular visit to the cafe, the brain is activated no less than in the classroom, because you must order food in a different language. According to a study conducted by U.S. Travel Association, such situations help to maintain a good, sharp mind and improve their cognitive functions, because the brain, being exposed to an unusual and complex (from its point of view) environmental influences, tries to classify these stimuli and reacts by forming new neural connections. This helps him grow and stimulates him as if he were studying a new hobby or language.

    So, if you have a happy opportunity to travel, but still do not dare, then immerse yourself in the unknown with your head, explore the world, and your brain will be immensely grateful to you.

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